Alexander Kurz

How to set up a simple webpage

Follow the instructions at GitHub.

Add an (or index.html) file to the repo.

Paste into your browser.

That’s it.

Troubleshooting: First time I did this, it worked without any problems. When I set up one for my son, we run into troubles. It tried everything described at My new Github page isn’t showing up. What helped was to

  1. set the repo public,
  2. choose one of the available themes,
  3. delete the _config.yaml file (if one wants to get rid of the theme).

2 and 3 cancel each other out. I have no idea why it was necessary to insert these steps.

Fancy stuff: Currently, I am not using anything else than markdown written in the editor visual studio code, which has a good git integration. (This is the first time that I am convinced by a microsoft product.)

In case I need something more fancy in the future I intend to collect here some links here that may be good starting points for further developments.