Alexander Kurz
Home-educating parent, Professor of Computer Science at Chapman University
Researcher in logic, category theory, and computer science
Formerly University of Leicester, CWI Amsterdam, Masaryk University Brno, LMU Munich
Google Scholar, DBLP, Mastodon UK, Mathstodon

What is the most important thing I could be working on in the world right now, and if you are not working on that, why aren’t you?” (Aaron Swartz)

Brave: Reading the internet and watching videos without adverts.
Arctic Sea Ice Volume/ThicknessCO₂ and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The primary problem created by Climate Change is not temperature rise, sea-level rise, or extreme weather. It’s starvation. Without mitigation, around a billion people will starve by the end of this century. Crop productivity is virtually zero when national average temperatures are below -2° or above 25°C and peaks around 15°C. Over the past 60 years, productivity has risen with agri-tech developments, but in the countries near the equator, it is now falling as average temperature increases outweigh further technology gains. In the second half of this century a large band of equatorial countries will neither be able to supply their food nor have the resources to purchase it. Julian Allwood


In early 2021, the University of Leicester threatened with redundancy some of the best mathematicians and computer scientists I know, former colleagues of mine. By the end of the academic year, if I counted correctly, 16 academics in mathematics and computer science either left their job “voluntarily” or were made redundant … more.


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Programming Languages (Fall 2022)
Compiler Construction (Spring 2022)
Short Courses: Automata and Haskell and Monads in Mathematics and Haskell
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Climate and Environment News
US Drought Monitor
Airquality in Orange, CA
Predatory Publishers
Mathematical Genealogy, see here and here
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