Alexander Kurz

PhD Students

PhD students I supervised or co-supervised.

Wolfgang Poiger. Algebraic and Coalgebraic Analysis of Some Many-Valued Modal Logics. University of Luxembourg. 2024.

Samuel Balco. Display calculi and nominal string diagrams. Leicester, 2020.

Hao Zeng. Interface Automata-Based Verification of Choreographies. Leicester, 2019.

Octavian Babus. Generalised distributivity and the logic of metric spaces, Leicester, 2016.

Christian Kissig. Finitary Logics for Coalgebras with Branching, Leicester 2012.

Daniela Petrisan. Investigations into Algebra and Topology over Nominal Sets, Leicester 2011.

Tomoyuki Suzuki. Canonicity and bi-approximation in non-classical logics, Leicester 2010.

Clemens Kupke. Finitary Coalgebraic Logics, ILLC Amsterdam 2006.

On the Mathematics Genealogy Project.